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08 February 2011 @ 12:12 am
Title: Pabo Joongie
Author: bizarrels2vetri
Rating: PG-13
Paring: JaeHo
Genre: failed crack and definitely failed fluff
Length: Drabbles
Summary: After the set filming of Running Man; Favoritism towards leader-shii and why is Jae is a Pabo...

Warning! : Not beta-ed! Painful strangulation of English. I'm sorry since English is not my 1st language. and I'm writing this in less that 30 minutes. So read at your own risk

After filming running man....

“Yah, Jong Kook hyung! How could you do that?!” whine Gary while HaHa nods his head agreeing.

“Did you just call me with yah?!” his eyes throwing daggers to his so-called kids and ready to launch his attack.

“A-a-aniyo...” both quickly replied. *sweats*

“Hyung! You definitely favour Yunho hyung than us!” Gwang Soo chirp bravely while hiding behind Jae Suk. *typical Gwang Soo*

“Keurae maj-a! Jong Kook-ah, it’s so obvious!” even Suk Jin is in this matter.

“What? When? Didn’t I do it with everyone else too?!” (-_-“)

“You are all over him! Even taking his side all the time! And what do you mean you have been doing it to us?! All we got from you is mental and physical damaged every time we are filming! Do you know that every time I hear the bells my life shortens by 10 years!” Jae Suk who had been MC-ing noticed the different. Well, actually even the blank-Ji Hyo notice Jong Kook favoritism towards Yunho.

“Geurae hyung, after filming there will be bruises. I feel like a punching bag. Am I your punching bag hyung?” said HaHa in his Haroro mode while trying to make a sad face but failed miserably.

“Wae-yo? Can’t I be nice to him? He is our guest! We should treat our guest nicely!”

“Yah Jong Kook-ah, don’t even try to deny! Even Dual Dagger hyung feel like you are threatening him during the game!” again Suk Jin trying to condemn his enemy in trying to fight for Jae Suk’s attention.

“Well he is my dongsaeng, I should be nice to him.”

“Hyung! We are your dongsaeng too!!!” the kids protest.

“But its been a long time since X-Man! Its hard to meet him you know!”

“Hyung! You even mention his name in your word!” Gwang Soo pointed out.

“Huh? I mention-what?” sudden realization hits him.

“Yah! His name is Uknow Yunho. How on earth am I not going to say that word! Everybody is using it too, you know!”

“See you used it again!”

“Haish, all of you are helpless”

“Mentioning of X-Man, Jong Kook-ah I remember the time when you save Yunho. His head from bumping the floor to be specific, since then I know you’ve been sporting some kind of favoritism towards him. Am I right?!”

“Aish hyung, it’s an old matter. I mean who can deny Yunho from being childish sometime? Look at his drawing, it’s like he is a kid with lots and lots of fantasy and full of imagination! Plus he does look cute to me...”

“I guess you are right...” in the end all of them agree that Yunho does look like an innocent kid, charming his way into his hyungs heart.


On the other side of the planet...

 “Yunho-baby... I’m so proud of you!!”

“Really?! Thank you! Erm... but why?”

“I’ve seen your episode in Running Man! My Yunnie runs so fast!!” Jaejoong said in his excited voice.

“But you make me angry too...”

“Ehhh! Why? What did I do?!”

“Yah! Do you have to giggle cutely while shyly showing your drawing to that Haroro!! And to top that, you even tap his shoulder too!! Skinship!! Wait no, SHIRTSHIP!” *jealous much jaejoong-ah”

“But Joongie, I feel embarrassed of my drawing and I need to tap his shoulder to get his attention... and I’ve been smiling to everyone since the day I was born!”

“But not that smile Yunnie-ah! That innocent smile belongs to me! It’s the sole property of Kim Jaejoong! Remember that!” Jaejoong whining oh-so-cutely to his boyfie.

“Pabo Joongie”

“Well this pabo is the one you love right?!”

“Yes. And I am a pabo too for loving a pabo”

“I love you... “ XD

“Love you too...”  

- Am sorry if this out of your expectation. *bows low*
-For those who can't understand why Suk Jin said that Jong Kook is his enemy, its because Jong Kook and Jae Suk look like a close friend   and Suk Jin who have been Jae Suk's friend for all of his life is jealous if their closeness even when Jong Kook and Jae Suk are arguing.

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21 January 2011 @ 01:43 am
Title: Just Feel Like It
Author: bizarrels2vetri
Rating: PG-13
Paring: JaeHo
Genre: Romance
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Today feels special. He just feel like it.

Warning! : Not beta-ed! Painful strangulation of English. I'm sorry since English is not my 1st language.

It’s a peaceful morning where everything is perfect. Cool morning dew that makes every creature that live snuggles into their comfy bed wishing to never get up, with bird chirping and the sun shining welcoming the day with a smile. Should every human being still in their dream land but remarkably not this one particular person, he starts his day smiling and staring at his one and only lover in this world, no other than Jung Yunho.

Usually, he only stare at his lover as if he’s trying to engraved every little details he can see into his brain, but today, today is different.  He’s feeling a little special today. He feels the need to show his love. Yes, he does show his love everyday in his voice, in his smiles and most important is in his words and his actions. As stated earlier today feels special than any other day although there is no special occasion or whatsoever. Just feeling like it as he thought. Carefully he traces his lover’s face with his forefinger, starting from his forehead to his nose and lastly to his luscious lips that he really love to bite right now and then. Stopping his urges to nibbles those parted lips, he whispers to his lover’s ear. Very soft, as soft as the cloud and quiet like the wind.

“Yunho baby, it’s time to wake up love” he smiles as he hears soft groans from his lover. But much to hi s dismay, his sweet lover still wouldn’t wake up, instead, cuddling more into his comforter to find warmth.

 Are you trying to seduce me Yunho? Why do you look so cute and vulnerable while you’ve done nothing but SLEEP?! Aish, my baby done it again!

With that, he showers his lover with kisses all over his face. Every spot and every skin will not miss by him. Yunho who is in slumber; struggle to find the source of the disturbance. Slowly he pried his eyes open and only to see his lover smiling sweetly towards him.

“Good morning love” a kiss landed on Yunho’s nose.

“...ning....ngie...” the still sleepy Yunho only manage to whispers his reply.

“Oho! I can see that my baby still in his dream land” he said while pinching his angel’s cheeks.

“Oww, joongie! That’s hurt!”

Jaejoong just chuckle at his lover’s cuteness and proceed to give Yunho the plain water he put besides their bed every night. Understanding his lover habit, he just drinks it right away. He remembers the first time Jaejoong asked him to drink water after woke up in the morning. He retorted that he have yet to brush his teeth but Jaejoong said that he read it from somewhere that drinking immediately after waking up is good for digestion because during that time good bacteria accumulate in mouth while sleeping. Still drowsy from sleep, Yunho just took the advice and drank the water. Since then, Jaejoong will make sure that a bottle or a glass of water is ready for Yunho to drink every morning.

“Joongie, why do wake me up so early in the morning? You know that today is holiday right?” Yunho said while handing the glass back to Jaejoong.

“Yes baby,I know and that’s why I wake you up so that we can spend time together from morning till the next day!”

Sometimes Yunho think Jaejoong is childish. Of course he will spend his time with him but disturbing his sweet sleep is not so much appreciated. *pout* *pout*

Jaejoong who stare at his lover notice the pout on Yunho’s face. So he position himself into Yunho’s comforter and pull Yunho closer so that Yunho can snuggles to him. Yunho who is puzzle with Jaejoong odd behaviour today just comply with everything Jaejoong do.

“Like it?”




“I love you”

Pulling Yunho closer, Jaejoong kiss his lips softly, nibbling the lower lips once in a while.

I love you too”

And the rest is history...


This is my second attempt to write a DECENT fanfic. I don't know if I accomplished that but I manage to finish it! Hooray to me!

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13 June 2010 @ 03:30 am
Title: If Only...
Pairings: Major MinHo but actually its JaeHO.. 
Length; Oneshots (1425 words)
Genre: Romance, Failed-fluff and comedy... (its my first!)
Disclaimer: Wish could own them! LOL!
Summary: Sometimes your wish just won't come true....
Warning: Unbeta-ed!!!

A/N: My first fic!! Yeay!! Well I dedicated this to my friends who have been supplying me with JaeHo-ness and also MinHo!! I'm still clueless how to use this LJ.. I dedicated this to my friends who have been supplying me with JaeHo and MinHo!
criztalinz </span>hennu15 </span>evangeluv Please enjoy k!</span>

“Yunho darling!! Take this to table number five please!” a man in his 20’s smiling pleasantly while waving his hand towards Yunho. Gaining Yunho’s attention, the said boy rush to the kitchen counter.

“Where hyung?” Yunho smiling oh-so-cutely, displaying his teeth accompanied with full baby-fat cheeks at his hyung. Before the said man can answer, a hand expertly circling Yunho’s waist, hugging dearly while sniffing his scent. Shock of the sudden touch, Yunho spins his head so fast that it might cause his neck to crack.

“Woa, baby! Not so fast! I don’t want to lose my adorable pillow cum heater just yet!*sniff**sniff* Baby your scent is so addictive! I feel like I want eat you right now! Can I? Please say yes?!” the hand never leaves the flustered boy.

  “Aish Minnie!!!” Yunho whined, pouting his plump lip.

“Baby, if you don’t stop pouting, I will take your first kiss away. Right here, right now, right this moment!” Yunho who is startled at Changmin’s statement froze. Changmin saw this as a once of a lifetime opportunity, quickly closing the distance between them.

“Yah!!! What are you doing to my cutie-pie!!!!”  Eeteuk who is standing looking both at his dongsaeng yelled and effectively hit Changmin’s head with his ladle.

“Hyung! How dare you hit your dongsaeng’s genius head! “ rubbing his head to ease the pain.

“And you use ladle to!! Didn’t ahjumma tell you that it’s not good playing with kitchen utensils? Hmph! Later i’ll tell ahjumma what you did to me! And what if I get a concussion after that!! Yunho can’t leave without me!” (A/N: -.-‘’)

“I am your hyung and I can do whatever I want!! So do you want me to tell umma that you practically sexual harassed cutie Yunho during work? Do you? *smirk evilly* for your information my dear Minnie, your head is harder than this steel ladle and chance for you to get concussion is ZERO!”

“What do you m...” Changmin’s temper was cut-off by a little voice that has been watching quietly at the side. While the both men quarrelled, he was thinking hard by himself unknowingly they were eyed by the customer at the restaurant. Stopping his trance of thought, he glances around and immediately blood rushed to his face.

“Hyung-ah... Minnie-ah... stop it... everybody is watching us...” he whispered. Both man stop and look around. Immediately, Eeteuk realize that his customer's order has not been served yet.

“Yah, Donghae! Come here and served this at table number five. Say sorry in my behalf ok?”

“Yes hyung” 

“Aish I need to continue with my work!” Eeteuk mumbled to himself while disappearing  behind the kitchen counter.

“Baby, are you okay?” Changmin said while holding Yunho’s shoulder.

“Emm, yeah... What? Minnie!! How many times I told you not to call me Baby!! I’m not a baby and I’m definitely a full grown man!! And I’m older than you!” Yunho whined ever so cutely and a pout never leave his face.

“Look at you. With you acting like this I’m sure people would say I’m older than you and REMEMBER you would always be my Baby...” Yunho flushed hearing Changmin’s bold statement. He can’t bear looking at Changmin’s crooked eyes when he smiles. That eye always seems to makes his heart beating irregularly. With that, he look everywhere except Changmin.

“Baby, why do you look away? Look at me.”  He held Yunho’s chin and moves it so that he can look into the older man’s eye.

Yunho shift uncomfortably, he knows this one man always shows his affection directly and publicly but this is too much.

“Ok cut!! Good job Yunho-ah, Changmin. Good job everyone! That’s all for today! We can wrap up now! Thanks for your hardwork!” everyone started to move around except for the couple who was the center of attention just a few seconds ago.

“Minnie-ah, can we stop now? Everyone already starts packing...”

“No, I want to stay with you a little longer” Changmin’s hand moves from Yunho’s chin to full bear hug. They stay like that for a couple of minutes before someone burst Changmin’s bubbles.

“You two! Everyone already leaving and here you are creating your own soap-drama!” Yoochun walk slowly to the said couple.

“Chun hyung, can’t you give me a break?”Changmin sigh heavily. His hand never leaves Yunho’s.

“Hey ya Yun, you did great just now! I know it! This character is suitable for you! I know I did the right thing when I introduce you to the director!” Yoochun smile and give a light tap on Yunho’s shoulder.

“Thank you Chunnie. But I think this is hard since the character which with my name, why did they put real name anyway? is hard.... this man is so shy. I’m not that shy right Minnie?”

Changmin just laugh at Yunho who is fiddling with his finger. “Yeah baby, you’re not that "shy". But you are the most shy man I ever met which I like so much *wink*” Changmin continue to laugh.

“Minnie~~ I told you not to call me Baby! We are not filming right now! Chunnie tell him to stop!” looking at the pleading eyes, Yoochun can only shrug his shoulder defeated. No scratch that. He is speechless looking at the cuteness display in front of him.

“I told you already. You will always be my baby, my cotton candy. And I mean it”

“Min, I must say you are beyond hopeless. And Yun, try to open your eyes a little bit, see what’s in front of you although yeah I know you are blinded by someone but try ok? I better find my scrumptious duck-butt.  I miss him so much. Later everyone.” Yoochun walk away while eyeing everywhere to find his object of interest.

Yunho who is confused with Yoochun tilt his head to the side while pouting, thinking hard. Changmin just smile sheepishly, though he is clearly affected by only one word from Yoochun. Hopeless.

“Baby, its okay. Just be yourself ok? Now do you want eat dinner with me?”

“Ahh, I’m sorry Minnie-ah... Joongie already called earlier, he said he want to have dinner with me. Oh ok how about you join us! I’m sure Joongie wouldn’t mind! I would love to have you with us! Ok?” Yunho said while jumping up and down.

Changmin can only smile, defeated by the childish answer from his baby. “It’s okay, baby. I’ll go with Chun hyung and Su hyung. You go and have fun with Jae hyung ok?”

“Really? You really don’t want to go with us?” Yunho said while pouting.

“Yes baby, just go ok. I’ll let you go...it’s more to whisper so that the man in front of him can’t hear his aching heart.

Before Yunho could answer he is once again engulf in Changmin’s bear hug. “Minnie?”

“Yeah baby?”

“I don’t know why, but I feel that you are sad. Are you sad?” now it’s Yunho’s turn to hug him dearly.

Laugh. “Silly, why should I feel sad when you are beside me?” still hugging Yunho tightly.

“Because I’m going to have dinner with Jaejoong and not you?”

“Baby, Jae hyung is here.” releasing his hug from Yunho relunctantly.

“Yunnie baby, what’s wrong? Changmin-ah did something goes wrong? Why are the two of hugging like that?” looking at Changmin’s face worriedly.

“Nothing hyung. I feel like hugging someone today. More like hugging Yunho.” But the last part only to himself.

“Ah I see. Okay then. Yunnie baby, are you ready?” Jaejoong’s hand moves to Yunho’s cheeks and caress them softly.

“Yes Joongie. Minnie will you be okay?”

“Yeah, see you later baby”

“Ok then. Bye bye. See you later! Tell Su-ie I miss him okay? I never got to see him today.” It’s easy to make Yunho happy again. Just convince him.

The couple walk away hand in hand leaving the hopeless young man alone while two man who stand at the side can only sighed looking at their dongsaeng smiling painfully to himself while looking at the disappearing couple.

I guess you wouldn’t be mine baby. If only I found you earlier. If only you are meant only for me...
If only...

A/N: Yeay I finally finished my first fiction!! This is unbeta-ed so any grammar mistake or using the wrong word please forgive me!! T.T English is not my first language. Hope my first is not that boring!!  Actually this is different from the one I had in my mind but after writing it change instantly. I guess that’s it for now!!



I was thinking about this picture when I write his scene with Eeteuk!! I miss his cute teeth and chubby cheeks!!

pouty lips!

this is the perfect definition of cuteness overload!!! his pout makes me dizzy~~

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22 December 2009 @ 01:36 pm

I was thankful that day coz its not raining~~

My friend playing with water~~ I just like to snap pictures of scenery...

On Sunday, we got off from Supermall at 2.45pm after buying some food to eat at the beach. Then all of us head to the beach using our cars. I was so excited about this idea because its so hard for us to make some time enjoying with friends since we still study and busy with classes. Although there are a lot of them can't be with us that day, we really had a fun time playing and snapping pic for memory. I was busy swimming until I forgot that I haven't eat anything that day. The waves are so strong that it keep pushing me until I fall on my butt. Heck! my sense of balance really mess up that I keep on falling on my knees. But I got sunburn and a fever after that! *sigh* this sore throat really killing me~~~
21 May 2009 @ 08:08 pm
I have deserted this blog.. what a shame of me.. Use it only once in a while... for DBSK's purpose... Now is my holiday... I will try to be active to write! Chaiyo! Daaa....

*see I only write a little... hahaha soorryyy since no one read it anyway..
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04 April 2009 @ 06:39 pm
yikes!! i know that im not updating my journal since... idk when... LOL!!
sooo what am i going to talk about today?? oh yeah! i will have my exam on monday but very typical of me to revise last minute... i know... i know... that really bad thing to do especially when it is included in the final marks... ITS TRUE!! CHEONGMAL!! i cant stop my bad habit!! Since, every weekend i will go back to my house sooo its really addictive and it feel like a ROUTINE now that i will sit in front of my laptop or my computer and start downloading things... Although i completely aware that my result is flunking... still i dont learn my lesson... *slaps my own thick head* Wake up girl!! See the truth yada yada yada..

Whathehell!! Let us change the topic ok?? hehehe
My current interest is SHINEE and BIGBANG!!!
DBSK still number 1!! no argument thank you!
I love Taemin and Minho!! They are soooo cute!! Jonghyun also!
When i see Taemin.. he's is like the 2nd Uknow Yunho...
idk y.... from my observation... he looks like a person who really loves DANCING! I watch Shinee dancing and i see Taemin is really 'into' dancing.... like Yunho... who doesn't know about that dance maniac... I heard that he also practice dance routine during shower... But idk the truth behind it... if he really does that.... YUNHO YOU ARE A DANCE FREAK...
NEVERTHELESS, my love for you never change!! Sarang oppa!!
Now now... i have to stop here... cause my annoying and loving brother wants to use this computer...
ahhh pity me.. my wireless broken and i cant use my laptop to surf and update as much as i want....
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16 January 2009 @ 10:38 pm
so tiring today.. its my 2nd entry... i dont always update my LJ since i'm not the type to write something only when i have the mood.. neway.. i have my Calculus Quiz today... so hard to answer!!
my god! hmm.. just got back from uitm.. n straight to open my email and all.. downloading!! yeay!! now listening to DBSK's choosey lover!! Love them sooo much!! i guess thats all...
i update again later... if something exciting happen laa...
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03 January 2009 @ 02:31 pm
For a week I've been nervous about this!! Finally!! The time is come!! My result finally out!! Oh god!! My hand trembles and my heart beats faster than normal!! KYAAAAA!!! What its gonna be!! A failure or success?? I'm sooo out of my mind! Handling my nervousness is one thing and trying to log in into the university website is one thing! DAMN!! Been trying to log in for couple of times!! Its crowded with people trying to access in! Just when I decided to access another time, actually I'm nervous to reveal my result sooo I just use that reason to cover up my ego.. EGO?? Am I? Oh what the hell! Suddenly I finally, FINALLY!! I got Dean's List!! Yeay!! I'm soooo HAPPY!! I never thought that a slow girl, who always get below 2.7 , who are lazy and likes to sleep during class during her secondary school will get a Dean's List during her first year in university! But how about others?? My friends? I always hanging out with my other 5 course mates.. We are in the same class alright! I know that they are clever and very smart but I just hoping that i would have the same level with them... One of my friend suddenly called to ask about my result.. One second, I hesitated to tell her.. Just hoping that there is no big gap between our pointers... But much to my hope, it crashes into pieces.. BIG! The GAP!! I dunno how they study! Every one of the them get 3.9 and above!! I hold back the tears... I only got 3.59... Its such a shame to know that 6 friends who always seen together around the university wouldn't have the same level of GPA... The one who spoil it? Its ME!!

I don't blame them, maybe I just mad at myself of being the "not so smart" among them.. Should I be thankful for achieving Dean's List or frustrated because of my own level.. Is this considered as confession? Well maybe it is....
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