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Colours of the World

6 September
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Frankly speaking, I'm just an ordinary girl, living in an ordinary life, meeting with various of people and my life is just SUPERB!! I started using this blog when i stumbled to DBSK subbing community! Well i think my only reason i join this blog because of DBSK! *o* I apologize for my straight forwardness! >_< BUT WHO KNEW MY MAIN REASON MIGHT CHANGE!!

THEN...about myself..
hmmm... still studying.. a civil engineering student, now in 2nd semester. The only girl in my family, have three elder brothers.

Love music A LOT!! Basically, Japanese n Koreans songs!! Love Anime!! Praise to the Japanese!! Love to collect things! My interest change frequently.. For example... when im still just 7 years old i like to collect ERASERS!! :hahaha: i dunno why, but i have a lot of erasers back days!! Now, pretty much of it i already use or lost^^... Now im collecting translated comics from Japan... My collection are expanding but now just retire for little while because NOW im collecting DBSK's stuff! Need a lot of money for that!! !#@$%^&*&^%$# [sigh]

Neway!! I'm a cheerful girl with a lot of things going on in my head!!
Thanks 4 having me as ur fren!!